I am a quiet, clever little girl. I have a black and bright hair, a sea of eyebrows, often tied with ponytail. White inside the face, inlaid with a pair of water spirit big eyes, bright, it seems very clever. I have a sense of humor, often a joke, or an action, or an expression, will make everyone laugh. Because I learn comics. < br > I like comics very much. One day, my mother took me to the art counseling center to study. I see cartoons in the billboards that are particularly curious and excited. The teacher saw that I was interested, and he introduced to me: "these are all painted by our cartoon class children." I was surprised: I was so good at painting! So, I asked my mother to sign up for me and let me learn to draw cartoons. My mother began to disagree, and when she saw my firm attitude, she had to agree. After a period of study, I have made great progress and I will learn more and more vigorously. I practice almost every day. Now, my comic book is humorous, funny and creative, and is very popular with children. I have won the praise of my parents and parents. I will study harder and become a cartoonist in the future. This is me, a cartoonist of the future!