My cousin Feng Siyuan is very cute. There are two jewel like eyes on the round head. The eyes are the same eyebrows as a pair of swords, black hair, high nose, smart mouth, and one after another. < br > he is a man who knows and mistakes and changes. Once he came to my house to play, my mother went out to work, I was writing composition, he was playing blocks alone, playing with a play, accidentally "bang" a, vase from the pot into pieces. Ah, it's a terrible one. It's mother's favorite vase. It's worth hundreds of dollars? What should be done? My mother must be angry. He was scared to the six gods, and looked at me with his eyes straight as if begging for something. I understood what he meant at once and said, "I won't tell my mom." He seems to be much more relieved. It happened that mom came back from work and found the debris on the ground, "what is this?" "My mother was obviously angry and asked loudly. "Yes It's It was the little cat who had hit it and fell on the ground. " Mom heard that picking up the chicken hair stall to fight the kitten, the kitten that gets to be really miserable. In the afternoon, my cousin was unhappy and seemed to have a lot of trouble. I asked him, "what's wrong with you? It seems not very happy. This has passed long ago." He looked up again and said, "I feel sorry for the little cat!" "Ha ha ha..." I laughed. It was a real nerd. At night, when my mother came back from work, he hurriedly came to his mother and said with her head down: "aunt, I Please forgive me for one thing that I did wrong! " Mother learned the truth of the matter, a little annoyed also did not, extend her hand to support his head and said: "know the wrong, or good children! But Commission has wronged little huacat! " "Sorry, little huacat..." Cousin turned his head to find the kitten to apologize. < br > do you think my cousin is cute?