I have a pair of big black eyes, big ears, thick black hair, a cherry red mouth, very lovely!
I have many hobbies. For example: writing calligraphy, broadcasting and hosting, singing and so on, but my favorite is broadcasting and hosting, and I participated in the performance of the broadcasting class of Kaka art school, which increased my reading interest!
I love learning very much, but my writing speed is a little slow, but my writing is very beautiful. Last semester, I won the third prize in the second grade writing competition. I like reading very much. I often drag my mother to the bookstore to buy new books. Now, my small desk is full of books. Because of the large amount of reading and literacy, I am also rated as the class "reading star"!
my biggest shortcoming is carelessness. The simpler the problem is, the easier it is to make mistakes. In the future, I will make up my mind to get rid of this bad problem.
this is me, a smart, naive and confident little boy. I hope the students are willing to be good friends with me.

  我较大 的缺陷便是丢三落四,越发简易的题,越非常容易打错。将来,我一定下定决心改正这一坏习惯。