Everyone says that mother's love is as warm as spring breeze. If we are young leaves, our mother is a towering tree that nourishes our little body; if we are fish swimming in the water, our mother is a trickling stream that irrigates our young hearts
my mother is different, sometimes she is like a gentle sheep, sometimes she is like a fierce tiger.
I have a must do homework every day - mental arithmetic card. Every time I do a question, my mother has to time it. "Baby, get ready to do it!" With apple in her hand, the corner of her mouth rose, her eyes narrowed into a slit, her long eyelashes twinkled with her laughter, and her eyebrows bent over. I said in my heart: "today is a good day, my mother is in a good mood, everything will be very smooth!" I secretly happy, happy to do the topic.
at the end of the time, my mother took the book and checked it carefully. She saw that her eyebrows were locked, her eyes were round and fierce. I felt a cold air in my back, and the tension came to me. I bowed my head, did not dare to look at my mother, quietly stood up. The volcano is going to explode. I want to get out of here quickly. "Wang shuochen, stop!" I leaned over, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of my mother's face twisted into an angry tiger. "What's the matter? Every time I say I have to look at the questions carefully and calculate carefully!" At this time, I was scared out of my wits, my brain was buzzing, and I didn't hear what my mother said clearly. The more she roared, the more angry she was. She stood up and clapped her hands on the table. Although I'm a girl, my mother will not be merciful at all. She takes a bamboo stick that I don't know where it comes from and knocks on the thick meat on my leg. My legs and stomach follow me. After suffering from pain, I began to calculate carefully, and my oral arithmetic was right and fast.
the dignified atmosphere between my mother and me lasted for a long time, so I decided to improve it!
after school at noon the next day, my mother came to pick me up. I deliberately said I wanted to eat cold skin, but actually my mother likes cold skin, and I want to please her. I secretly took my pocket money from the piggy bank and said it was a treat.
mom can't believe it: "cheapskate, how can you be so generous today?"
"wait, I'll buy it for you."
Mother's weakness is to eat. When it comes to eating, she is happy, like a greedy child.
"slow down, slow down." Mother said while helping me wipe the corners of my mouth.
"it's all dripping on the clothes." I silly smile, happy looking at my mother.
this is my "changeable" mother. Lovely as a rabbit, beautiful as a butterfly, gentle as a sheep, and roaring like a tiger