Speaking of pistachio, I think of my good friend Hu Yuhe. He is very happy every day. They call him pistachio.
once, when our class was in PE class, Hu Yuhe jumped and fell down. Everyone didn't laugh, just Hu Yuhe was laughing. Doesn't he hurt? Originally he was very strong, he listened carefully in class, he was injured, he took a smile to face the pain, he was very strong and brave.
another time, Hu Yuhe was watching TV in my house. We saw a very funny TV. I wanted to replace him, but he stopped me. He said, "don't press. This episode is very funny. Let's have a look." I don't think it's funny, but his face has turned into a flower. When I saw Hu Yuhe laughing so happily, I couldn't bear to change it. Later, I laughed with him. We even woke up my father upstairs with laughter!
this is my friend Hu Yuhe. Where there is him, there is joy. He is our pistachio.