Mr. Ding is my Chinese teacher. He wears a pair of glasses and looks very knowledgeable.
my deskmate is infected by Mr. Ding. Every day he looks forward to the arrival of Chinese class, always calling for Chinese class, Chinese class. I don't like Chinese class. Once I have Chinese class, I have a stomachache. If you have two Chinese lessons in a row, your stomach will ache all the time. If I have a Chinese class all day, my viscera will jump out. Ah, Chinese class is so funny. I will laugh until I have a stomachache. Until the end of class, I will lie on the table, one hand pillow head, one hand cover stomach, laughing out of breath. This can't blame teacher Ding. He is full of jokes. If he doesn't let it out, he will wake up at night.
many girls like Mr. Ding. After class, everyone around Mr. Ding, watching Mr. Ding and Hai Yu play go, shouting at the same time, come on, Mr. Ding! Come on, Mr. Ding! And I yelled: teacher Ding, come on, Haiyu! So the whole class was led up by me and called together: teacher Ding! Miss Ding!
if you want to write a + + +, you must remember to write beautifully. If you write about Mr. Ding, you must remember to write at the end that Mr. Ding is very handsome. For example: a summer vacation has passed, teacher Ding is still so handsome, this kind of composition teacher Ding especially likes. Teacher Ding commented: the handwriting is so beautiful, but I still praise my handsome. I'll give you three big plus marks.
this is my Chinese teacher, Mr. Ding. I want to learn from him and become a humorous person. I want to get his full of jokes and tell them to my sister.

  如果作文想得A ,一定要还记得把字写的好看。假如写丁老师,一定要还记得末尾写丁老师挺帅。例如:一个暑期过去,丁老师或是那麼帅,那样的优秀作文丁老师尤其喜爱。丁老师评价:字写的那麼好看,还没忘记夸我帅,让你三个极大地减号。