Since ancient times, many heroes have emerged in the Chinese nation, such as Yue Fei, Lin Zexu, Dong Cunrui, Lei Feng and so on. Today, the hero I am talking about is not someone else, but my dear father.
my father is a senior engineer. He is medium-sized, a little fat, with big eyes and a bulging stomach. He looks very amiable. My mother and I often joke that he is the "pig Bajie" in the journey to the West. My father is usually busy at work, often on business, but he gives me and my mother love is not less. I believe you all know Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway and Qingrong high-speed railway. I feel very proud every time I take the bullet train. It can be soaked with a lot of hard work and sweat of my father!
my father not only works well, but also is very knowledgeable. In my memory, my father often accompanies books. Under the guidance of my father, I have developed the habit of loving reading. As long as I like books, my father will buy them for me unconditionally. My family makes my father dress up as a "small library". As long as I have time, I often pester my father to talk about the past and the present. I especially admire him. My father is my "Encyclopedia".
dad is also a haven for mom and me. No matter what difficult things, as long as there is my father, my mother and I will never be wronged. I think I am a happy child, every year my father will take me and mother to many places to travel, such as the solemn flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen square, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the boundless prairie in Inner Mongolia. My father also often makes my favorite western food, such as steak and spaghetti. He often accompanies me to play chess, play and talk with me. My father is not only an elder, but also a playmate and a guide on my growth path.
heroes are not only chivalrous and righteous, but also forget to die. For example, my father is a hero in my mind, a hero full of father's love!