I am a very ordinary boy. If I am a piece of carbon, I will be in the mountains of coal; if I am a drop of water, I will be in the vast ocean; if I am a little grass, I will be in the vast grassland. After three years of kindergarten, some students in our class could not name me. Ah! It's ordinary.
I am an introverted and timid boy. Never take the initiative to talk with others, sometimes carelessly say the wrong words, will heart rate, afraid of others laugh at me. When the school held a go game, because I did not dare to raise my hand to register, so I never participated in the second stage.
In math English class, when the teacher asked questions, the students with fast reaction got the opportunity to answer questions, but I could only listen to them. In PE class, the students with lightning speed ran on the track, but I could only shout "come on" off the field. In art class, the students who could write and draw drew beautiful pictures with "colorful pen", but I drew them in a mess … What on earth can I do?
"every inch has its own strong points." My biggest hobby is reading, it can give me endless happiness, but also let me increase knowledge.
I think as long as we work hard, we will have a bright future.

  我是一个不爱说话胆怯的男孩儿。从来不积极和他人沟通交流,有时候一不小心说说错,便会心跳加速,担心他人取笑我。院校举办围棋比赛时,由于我害怕伸手报考,因此 二段的我从来没有参与过。