Ding Ling Ling The bell rang and teacher Chen walked into the classroom, followed by two new students, a boy and a girl. Mr. Chen went up to the platform and said, "students, there are two new students in our class. We applaud them"! We clapped our hands below, "OK, let's all introduce ourselves." "Hello everyone! My name is Luo Gaorui. I hope you and I can be good friends. The voice of male students is a little small, maybe he just came to this new school, new classroom, new students and new teachers, a little strange and a little shy in his heart! "Hello, everyone! My name is Liu Xinyue. I hope you can like me. "I think that the voice of female students is louder than that of male students. After listening to their introduction, the students nodded and remembered their names silently. When they returned to the seats arranged by the teacher, Mr. Chen began this wonderful, lively and interesting Chinese class.
the bell rings after class. When the teacher comes out of the classroom, there are three groups of students, five in a group. Some are surrounded by the new male students, some are surrounded by the new female students, some are busy introducing themselves, some are busy introducing the class situation, and others are introducing the campus environment The students in my class are so enthusiastic! Although the new students have just arrived, it seems that they are our old classmates.
the school is a big family. Our dear teachers care for us and educate us just like our mothers. Students should live in harmony, unite and help each other just like brothers and sisters in order to study and grow healthily and happily.