I think I am a happy child, why? Look down and you'll see!
I have a great mother. Although she is thin, she is a strong and brave mother. In my memory, my father has been very busy at work. My growth is inseparable from my mother's meticulous care. When I was a child, I often caught a cold. Every night I had a high fever and vomit. My mother was always with me. I stayed up all night. My mother became the "Iron Man" in my memory. My grandmother said that my mother couldn't cook before, but for the sake of me, a "little greedy bug", my mother has developed a "skill" and raised me high and strong, which is also in line with the saying "women are weak, but being a mother is just.". Of course, these are just a few. There are many more examples like this. Wulun is in life or learning, my mother let me learn to adhere to, let me become stronger.
people often say: "mother's love is like a sea, father's love is like a mountain". In my opinion, my mother is the greatest.