My aunt has a son, which is my cousin. In fact, my cousin is many years older than me. My cousin is now 26 years old, and I am a 9-year-old girl. Today is my first time to see my cousin. I don't know why I feel very close to my cousin. I think my cousin is very easy to get along with.
Listen to my mother, my cousin is a soldier, which is the so-called soldier. When I hear my mother describe my cousin like this, I feel that my cousin is very powerful. Every time I see soldiers wearing military uniforms on TV, I feel that I really admire those soldiers. Their military posture is very good-looking. They are the most lovely people. They make great contributions to protect our safety He made a great contribution. According to my cousin, they can only go home once a year, and they can't go home in the first two years. Moreover, they will never go home in the new year. They all sacrifice the time of reunion with their families in order that we can have a more comfortable new year.
of course, my cousin is also a soldier worthy of admiration. He has lived in the army for 8 years, that is to say, I went to the army from the first year of my birth. I think my heart sincerely admires my cousin, and I also want to learn from his hard-working spirit.
I am very proud of having such a cousin. Do you envy me having such a cousin?