A round face, with a pair of single eyelid eyes, this is me - Wu Zhiyi.
it's not that Wang Po sells melons, but the teachers and students' unanimous evaluation of me.
I have a wide range of hobbies. I like painting, and my manuscripts won the "best design award" of the school. It's also on display in the school wall newspaper! I prefer reading. Reading is the greatest pleasure in my spare time. My father often satisfies my good hobby and constantly enriches my small bookcase. Maybe I read a lot. Many beautiful words often appear in my composition. My favorite teacher won the first prize in the school composition competition. I also like calligraphy. I practice calligraphy for 20 minutes every day. In the class, my writing is outstanding. The words on the blackboard newspaper are all written by myself!
I am also a good assistant to the teacher, the monitor of class three and four. This semester, I was named the "etiquette star" and "speech star" of the school Am I excellent?