My name is Jin Junyao. I have big eyes, red lips and a round face. I have a body in the form of steamed bread. I love sleeping in.
it's another Saturday. The annoying alarm clock started to ring again. My ear is like an earplug. I can't wake up any noise. I was in bed when my mother pushed open the door and said "get up, lazy pig". Now my son duodulong has no choice but to get up. I sat up with one eye open and one eye closed. Feel the whole body soft, or not, I fell asleep again. After a while, my mother threw the clothes on my back and patted my ass. Then he said, "move, the clothes are on the bed for you." At this time, I was still a little fuzzy, I subconsciously felt my clothes on the bed. I'll brush my teeth if I don't want to. Out of order to eat breakfast, mom laughed and I was rather baffling. Dad said you went to look in the mirror and came over again. I ran to the bathroom immediately, and I saw a mirror like a savage. My hair was in a mess, my clothes were wearing out, and there was foam on my lips. Oh Ah!
this is me. I like to sleep in. If I could sleep in less, I would not do so many stupid things. I must correct this bad problem.