In Guangyuan, I have a cute little brother. Where is he cute? Let me tell you something.
his hair is short, like black plucked grass, his eyebrows sometimes wrinkle, sometimes stretch out... His eyes sometimes blink, like little stars in the sky. His small eyes sometimes turn into two "black grapes", sometimes into "raisins"... When he is angry, Small mouth can hang a small water bottle, ha ha. He's so cute that he's changed his face. If he doesn't give him anything, his tears will burst out. Give him something. The little guy who was crying just now started to laugh< Br / > for example, one day he was ready to eat with a key, and I saw him. Fortunately, I snatched the key at once, otherwise... I dare not think about it! I angrily threw the key over and taught my younger brother a lesson: "don't eat it, it will spoil my stomach!", He immediately used the "bitter meat plan" and cried. I was very helpless. I had to feed him the steamed bread just made by my grandmother, and his face immediately turned cloudy and sunny.
look, this is my little brother. I love him and his naughty temper even more

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