Listen... The trumpet is coming again.


My sister did something wrong, and when I taught her a lesson, she cried. When my sister cried, she frowned, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Tears flowed down one by one, as if it had rained. The more my sister cried, the more angry I became. I said angrily, "no one likes you. Don't bother me. Later, my sister left me crying.


Sister, I don't want you to be a loudspeaker. No one likes you. I hope you don't cry every time you encounter any difficulties.


Students, you must not be confused by her beautiful appearance, because she has a unique skill, that is to cry. This little girl can't cry in general. It's not too much to describe it as tearing heart and lung. That cry voice, several people speak aloud all can't cover. Cry, cry, we hold to coax her, she is impatient to dance, as if to say: I don't want you to hold, but actually put her on the bed, she will cry louder, her face will also rise red, from time to time will turn a roll, or hand unconsciously grasp his face, grasp his face often have a few scars, will also scratch himself cry, really drunk, But only when she cries can she drink delicious milk as she wishes!


My sister, you are really good at this skill. I'm willing to be inferior to you!


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