In the book, I have read a lot of smart people, organic smart smart Avanti, intelligent and brave Detective Conan; In my life, I have met a lot of smart people, but what I admire most is my mother.


Once, my parents and I went on a trip. When we came back, we rented a car. My father and I stuffed a lot of things in the back suitcase. However, no matter how we stuffed them, there were still some luggage left. We have to turn to our mother for help. After all, she is the smartest person in our family.


After hearing my help, my mother quickly took action. She first took out all the things in the trunk, then asked me to help her arrange the things according to the size, and then brought them to her in turn from big to small. After listening to my mother's words, I felt very strange and couldn't help asking, "Mom, why is it placed from big to small instead of from small to big?" My mother gave a mysterious smile and said, "because I can't put it in when I grow up. I can guarantee that I can put it down." I take this question, according to the mother said to help. Sure enough, everything was put in neatly, and there was a lot more space, which I admired all of a sudden.


Mom is so smart. I will be like her in the future.


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