Hi! Hello, I'm Guo Yuhan. I'm eight years old. My name is given by my parents“ Of course, "Guo" is my father's surname, because I am my father's daughter“ "Language" should be the meaning of speaking, so I am like a chirping bird every day“ "Han" means connotative and cultured. I guess mom and dad want me to say that I have a good time every day and be a self-restraint person.

嗨!各位好!,我是郭语涵,2020年八岁了。自己的名字是父母给起的。“郭”自然是父亲的姓了,由于我是爸爸的女儿,因此 也姓郭;“语”应该是讲话的含意,所以我每日如同个唧唧喳喳的鸟儿一样,说个不断;“涵”是有品位、有修养的含意。我想父母是想让我想说的是便说,每日过得很开心,做一个有修养的人。


Mom says I'm beautiful, and I think I'm beautiful, too. I have a pair of big watery eyes, eyes like two black grapes; The nose is a little flat, the mouth is a little big, but they look very good on my face; In the past, I had long hair and a ponytail. When I walked, I was very proud. Now, although it is cut short, it can still be thrown up. In addition, my mother often buy me a lot of beautiful clothes, we say I can not be beautiful?




I especially like to laugh, I smile, squint eyes, like crescent moon, can be good-looking! I saw all the people smile and say hello to them, everyone said I was "cute"! I like running. I like composition class, English class and badminton class, but I don't like calligraphy class. The teacher of calligraphy class is very strict. If my handwriting is wrong, I will hit the board. However, my mother said that "a strict teacher makes a good apprentice" and insisted that I have calligraphy class.




This is the happy me. Do you like it?




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