One day, I went to my grandmother's house to deliver bottles. After I got on the crowded bus, I rushed to the left and finally "grabbed" a seat.


After I sat down, I saw an old grandmother holding a child, crowing in and out of the crowd, gasping with a tired mouth, so the old lady said to the young man beside me, "can you give us a seat, boy?" The boy said, "go, I'm tired of that!" The old lady had to ask the next family, and she asked another uncle, "can you give me a place?" Uncle said with his brow locked: "go, I am tired too.". Suddenly in the back car


A strong voice came from the hall. I looked up and an uncle of the PLA stood up and said, "take me here, ma'am!"! I can't help but feel very loving about this uncle.


After a while, my uncle got out of the car. The red star on his military cap was more prominent in the sunshine. He was a kind-hearted man!


Third grade: Wang Xinling


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