Our Chinese teacher is a very ordinary person, but in my heart, she is a unique good teacher in the world, because she gives us great, kind, kind and unselfish mother like love.

our Chinese teacher loves us. She often uses the method of group competition to motivate us to study hard: every time we summarize the competition, she will prepare a lot of prizes for us. I often think: teachers and we are not relatives, why should we buy prizes out of our own pocket? Later I realized that because she loved us, she regarded us as her own children. Therefore, he will not return to pay for us.

our Chinese teacher is loving. When we make mistakes, teachers always use kind words to reason with us, so that we can reflect on our mistakes. To see us correct our mistakes and make progress, teachers are happier than anyone else.

teachers' encouragement often warms our hearts. The teacher found that even if we made a little progress, we would be encouraged. Just a few days ago, the teacher also encouraged me: "Jinhui, your performance is very good recently. 1 although the difficulty of learning has deepened, your performance is still good, which is worthy of praise!" This warm words, like the general warm current into my heart.

with the care of our Chinese teachers, we grow up happily every day. I love our teachers and appreciate their teaching! Thank you, teacher!


  大家的老师爱我们。她常常以工作组比赛的方式,鼓励大家认真学习:每一次开展比赛小结,她都是会为大家提前准备许多礼品。我经常会想:老师和大家非亲非故,为何要自己掏钱为大家买礼品呢?之后我觉得懂了,由于她爱我们,她把大家当作自身的小孩。因此 ,他才会不求收益地为大家投入。