There are many unforgettable things in my childhood. However, what impresses me most is her teacher Zhang, who painstakingly taught me from grade one to grade three and watched me grow up and nurture me.

Mr. Zhang, if I am the countless twinkling stars in the sky, then you are the broad and vast universe; if I am a small fish in the deep sea, then you are the boundless sea, let me live freely in the sea. Don't let others bully and humiliate me, but you have been hurt.

Mr. Zhang has a tall nose and bright eyes. He has shiny black hair, a talkative mouth, sensitive ears and a pair of black framed glasses.

she is very concerned about my life. Once, students are reading, only I lie on the table motionless. Mr. Zhang came and asked anxiously, "what's the matter? Dai Yue, don't you feel comfortable? Or what? " I said, "I'm a little hungry." After listening, the teacher immediately went to the canteen and bought me a bowl of flour to make me return to normal.

although I have transferred now, I will never forget that the teacher bought me powder.



  李老师拥有 又高又挺的鼻部,水灵灵而又眼睛会说话。乌亮发光的秀发,一张能言善辩的嘴唇、灵巧的耳朵里面,还佩戴着一副黑边眼镜。