Today, the old artist of our family will have his first "tour performance" in his art career. As a loyal audience of my grandfather all the time, I will go to cheer for him.

when I arrived at the square, I saw other members of the band come to the venue early and sit in their own places. Without saying a word, my grandfather began to put down his backpack and take out his equipment. No matter how many people there are, I can see the shining grandfather from the crowd at a glance.

the performance begins. It's really superb to watch the musical instruments play beautiful notes in the hands of these grandparents. One moment, they flow down the Tianhe river like a swift river, and the other, they walk in the woods like a playful girl. So many people came to listen to their performance, my heart is not to mention how happy, how proud, I desperately applauded them, palms are red, but at that time, my heart is only happy, proud, already can not feel the pain.