"Where is spring? Where is spring? Spring is in the children's eyes... " A melodious song came, eh, who is singing? I listened carefully, oh, it was her!

she has long black hair, round face, big eyes and high nose. She is as beautiful and lovely as the little princess in fairy tales.

she likes singing very much. Every time she came down the stairs, she always sang all the way, forgetting her words or out of tune, which made everyone laugh. At this time, she always scratched her head with embarrassment, and her face looked like a red apple. Even so, she was warmly called "singer".

not long ago, my family held a "singer imitation competition". Many friends have come and are ready to sing. A friend said, "let the singer sing first." She stood up confidently and said, "no problem!" Although singing a little out of tune, but still won everyone's warm applause.

she loves not only singing but also working. She works fast and well. One day, I went to her house to play. She was mopping the floor hard! I saw a big sweat on her forehead. I said, "have a rest!" "Nothing! Wait till I'm done! " Half an hour later, the floor of the house was clean. Just when we thought we were finished, someone came to our house again. The clean floor was dirty again. I don't think she would drag it any more. After the guests left, she picked up the mop and dragged the floor again.

in everyone's eyes, she is such a cheerful and hardworking person. We all like to make friends with her.

by the way, do you know who she is? She is my best friend - Wang Hongyu!