The person I admire most is my deskmate Zhang Yifang.

she is not tall, thin, with a pair of very smart eyes, very cute.

although Zhang Yifang's performance is not the best in the class, she can bear hardships, never give up, and ask questions when she doesn't understand. The teacher often praises her.

Zhang Yifang is not only willing to bear hardships in study, but also responsible in cleaning. Every time when it's her turn to clean up, she always comes earlier than others. Where there are health dead ends, she cleans them one by one. When others come to school one by one, her health has been cleaned up.

during the break, she is also a very active playmate. Every time when she jumps the rubber band, she will jump very carefully, for fear that one of her carelessness will make her jump again, so she is very careful from the beginning to the end.

Zhang Yifang is such a hardworking and serious person. I admire her.





  在课间休息的情况下,她也是一个很活跃性的朋友,每一次跳皮筋儿的情况下她都是会很认真地跳着,害怕自身的一个一不小心,便会让自身再次跳一次,因此 她从头至尾全是提心吊胆地。