Hee hee, the beginning of the composition tells you that I have such a small problem: love to forget to remember things. This small problem, I have since childhood, let family always worry. But although I regret making mistakes because of this problem, I can't change it myself. There are many cases about my forgetting things. For example, I once left my schoolbag on the bus twice to make it hard to write my homework. I left my pen bag on the bus twice, which caused the driver uncle to find no pen to go around for home. I left my homework in school several times so I could only find classmates to copy the questions...... These are just the past things, and I am ashamed to think about it. And yesterday, something was a funny thing happened:
I came home from school, and my father asked me to go out and buy a bottle of fresh pump (Note: at dinner the day before yesterday, we were still discussing that there was no raw smoking at home, and it was not so delicious). I promised, and I took the money out. When I arrived at the supermarket, I went to the dressing area and began to find the "Jinzhen" raw pump that my father explained. Results at that time, I forgot whether to buy "raw" or "old" and tried to think about Dad as if he wanted to buy old-fashioned, and bought "Jin Zhen Lao pump" back home. Dad, who was cooking, opened the bottle quickly and found out that it was wrong - I bought it wrong. Well, this is over, and this bottle of old-fashioned retreat can not be returned to the supermarket, and "broke" a dish in the dinner...... This is my love to forget the trouble caused by this! Also blame me to do things not mind, yesterday night just discussed that the family did not have a raw pump, how can today still buy old-fashioned? This incident made my father angry, and criticized me on the spot. I was also deeply responsible for eating the food that should have been let go of raw food. I have to change such a harmful problem. I think it is a "small problem" now. But when I grow up, it will probably become a "big problem" and let me make big mistakes! As mom said, "do things seriously, you can't be too much of a big deal."

  哈哈,优秀作文论文开题就告知了大伙儿我那么一个小问题:爱忘掉事情。这一小问题,我自小就会有,让亲人时刻担忧。但虽然我还在由于这一问题做错事时是很后悔莫及,可自身或是改不掉它。有关我喜欢忘掉事情的“实例”它是有许多,例如我曾经2次将背包落在头班车上害得回家了写不上工作;2次将笔盒落在头班车上,麻烦了驾驶员大伯还为在家里找不着签字笔手忙脚乱;几回把工作落校园内因此 只有找同学抄题。。。。。。这种也仅仅之前的事情,迄今想到也觉得惭愧。而就在昨日,发生了一件让人哭笑不得的事: