My favorite writer is Lao She. The reason why I like him is "four generations in one hall".


The reason why we bought this book at the beginning was only that the teacher asked us to buy it. At that time, it was more interesting to read the brief introduction of this book, so I bought it.


At the beginning, I turned one or two times and didn't read it. But later, I was so bored that I opened the book with a casual attitude. But when I opened the book, I became addicted to it. I forgot to eat and sleep, and finally finished.


This book has a great influence on me. When I learned that the author of this book was Lao She, I began to understand Lao she slowly. After I got to know Lao She, I gradually fell in love with him. The old Beijing he described also made me yearn for it. I also gradually found a trace of him in some of his books. As a writer, Lao She was in such a difficult time in troubled times. In 1966, such a great writer was persecuted in the cultural revolution and died of suicide by jumping into the lake. It was not until the book "four generations in the same hall" was published in 1978 that Mr. Lao She was rehabilitated.


On the tombstone of Mr. Lao She is engraved a sentence of Lao She: "conscientious pawns in the literary and artistic circles sleep here." It can also be seen that Mr. Lao she lived and died for literature in his life.