On the way of my growth, there were many guides. What impressed me deeply was my math teacher, Mr. Sun.


I remember once in the class, the teacher was giving a lecture on the stage with enthusiasm, but I was doing something completely unrelated to the class under the desk pocket, playing. I completely left the class behind and had a good time. At this time, Mr. Sun found that my thoughts were not in class at all, so he asked me to go to the platform to solve the problem on the blackboard. I stood on the platform and looked at the topic, stunned in the same place, at a loss, my face turned red instantly. After returning to his seat, he sat upright and listened to the teacher carefully.


However, I only persisted for a while, and then I spoke in a low voice with my deskmate. The teacher came to my desk and looked at me with a serious look. This time, I really realized my mistake. Since then, I will listen carefully in class, no longer wander, no longer do some irrelevant things with the classroom.


As the saying goes: "one day as a teacher, never forget!" Although my beloved Mr. Sun stopped teaching my class in the second year for some reasons, I still can't forget Mr. Sun's docility and leniency.


Teacher, although the strokes of these two words are only twelve, they are very heavy. In our growth path left a heavy color! Here I want to say to Mr. Sun: "thank you! Grateful heart, thank you, flowers bloom and fall, you are always in my heart