I often listen to my father tell some stories about the Three Kingdoms. The stories are vivid and interesting. I am deeply attracted by them. During the winter vacation, I also read the romance of the Three Kingdoms《 Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a chapter novel written by Luo Guanzhong in Ming Dynasty. The plot is complex. It tells the heroic story from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty.


“ Rolling the Yangtze River East, the waves of the hero, "in all the heroes, I admire most is Guan Yu. Chapter four "Wen Jiu chop Huaxiong" tells the people of DongZhuo school Huaxiong and Yuan Shao who have sent many people to go, but they are defeated. Yuan shaozheng is worried who to send again, suddenly, beard floating, face like red jujube Guan Yu stood out, said: "xiaogeneral willing to chop Huaxiong's dog head, to the Allied Lord!" Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao's younger brother, despises Guan Yu, and wants to compete with him. Which one can compare Yuan Shu with Guan Yu? He soon fell off the line. Yuan Shao is afraid that they are hurt and wants them not to fight again. At this time, Cao Cao prepared a hot wine for Guan Yu to drink, Guanyu shook his head, took the Qingyun Yan Moon knife to fight Huaxiong. In a moment, he came back with Huaxiong's head, and the wine was still warm.


This is the story of "cutting Huaxiong with warm wine". It tells us vividly that Guan Yu is really good at martial arts. I think this is one of the reasons why people respect him as a "martial saint". In many places, the temple of the emperor has been dedicated to Guan Yu. He is recognized as a hero. His quality of "loyalty, righteousness, benevolence and courage" has been passed on for thousands of years. He is a hero in my heart.