I have a lovely "omnipotent" mother. She is a programmer, a cook, a driver and my teacher


I remember once, I encountered a very difficult mathematical olympiad problem, about half an hour of research, but still no ideas. I picked up and hung anxiously on my face. When my mother saw my red eyes, she asked with concern, "what's the matter? What's the problem? "


I wiped my tears with a paper towel and said wrongly, "I can't do this problem."


Mother carefully looked at the title, soft voice whispered: "you take out the draft, draw a picture to see." I was so impressed that I took out the yellowish manuscript and drew it carefully. I suddenly opened up, and soon the problem was solved.


Mother nodded and thumbed up: "really smart, so quickly solved, later encountered similar problems, with the way to solve drawing."


I can't help but give a thumbs up: "Mom, you really have a way."

因为我不由自主地坚起了拇指:“母亲,你真有方式 。”

My mother not only helped me in my study, but also taught me a lot of truth in life. When I do something wrong, she always teaches me to admit my mistakes and correct my mistakes... As a "child of others", I really want to thank my mother for her contribution.


My mother is not only a good teacher, but also a good cook. Chinese food can make glutinous rice balls, dumplings, fan bones... Western food can make cakes, bread, biscuits... Whether it's Chinese food or Western food, it's full of color, fragrance and taste.


My mom's such an all-around mom. My mother is still a workaholic. Do you want to know why it is called? Let me tell you next time.