I have a good friend. Her name is Deng Jiani. She is my aunt's daughter. When we grew up together, she left the deepest impression that she was lazy.


She was fat, white in skin, with large, round eyes and tall nose. The most striking thing is her hands, big and wide, holding her chin with both hands, which is a sign of her asking for help.


Her laziness is famous in our family. Every time we do the cleaning, she is like a nobody, sitting beside, motionless, we are very tired, she is very idle. And every time her shoelaces are loose, I have to help her fasten them, but I'm too lazy to move.


During the holiday, I went to her home to play, adults are out, only the two of us at home. I was playing games in the living room. She was sleeping in the room. Suddenly, the door was opened, and Deng Jiani floated to the washing machine like a ghost, throwing all her dirty clothes into the washing machine. At that time, I was stunned and looked at her strangely: "you can't take the wrong medicine, can you? I've been with you for so many years, and I see you working so hard for the first time. " She glanced at me and said, "my parents have been on business for three days. They have no clothes to wear. I don't wash them. Do you want me to go out naked?" Suddenly, I was speechless, just ready to meet her new face, old face exposed.

暑假里,我要去她家中玩,成年人都出去了,仅有我俩在家里。我还在大客厅打游戏,她在屋子里入睡,忽然,房间门被开启,邓佳妮像鬼魂一样飞向全自动洗衣机,把脏衣服都扔向全自动洗衣机内。那时候我也愣住了,难以置信地看见她:“你肯定不会吃错药了吧?跟你交往这些年来,头一次看见你那么勤劳。”邓佳妮瞟了我一眼,怒目圆睁讲到:“我父母都公出三天了,没衣服裤子穿了,我不会洗,难道说你让我光着身子出来 啊!”猛然,我无言以对,刚提前准备了解她的北京菲莲娜,旧脸孔又曝露了。

This is my little friend, the lazy Deng Jiani. Although lazy, I think it's fun to play with her, which makes me very happy.