Speaking of people I admire, I want to count my good friend Zhang Yayuan. Look at her big eyes, reading every day, she read a lot of books, do not know the words, as long as you ask her, she will tell you, I admire.


I remember that day I went to the library with Zhang Yayuan. The appointed time was one o'clock in the afternoon. I arrived at the place we agreed 20 minutes in advance, but she hasn't come yet. I've been waiting for a long time. When it's ten past one, I think: will she not come, or has she left? As I waited longer and longer, I felt disheartened. I remember to call her, but she did not answer, I was very angry, saw a stone in front of me, forced a kick out. I thought to myself: she is not punctual at all. Doesn't she like reading most? Why not come? Is she in the library already? Just as I was about to leave, Zhang Yayuan came, her face flushed and panting. I asked her angrily, "it's two o'clock. You just came. What did you do?" Zhang Yayuan said eagerly, "I'm sorry, Wang Yan. When I was on the bus, I was so fascinated by reading that I missed the stop, so I was late."

还记得那一天我与张雅媛一起去图书馆,约好的时间中午一点,我提早了二十分钟到我们说好的地址,她都还没来。我等你了好长时间,到一点过十分时,我想着:她是否会不来了,或是是否早已离开了?我等你的時间愈来愈久,觉得心如死灰。我想到给她通电话,但是她却沒有接,我很生气,看到眼下一个石块,用劲的一脚踢了出来 。想着:她一点也不按时,并不是最爱去看书吗?为什么不来呢?难道说她早已到公共图书馆里边了没有?正当性我提前准备机械表误差,张雅媛来啦,她满脸通红,上气不接下气。我发火的问她:“都二点了,你才来,你干什么来到呀?”张雅媛迫不及待地说:“抱歉,王艳,我是坐公交时,由于去看书看得太痴迷了,坐过去了站,因此来迟了。”

At this time, I looked at Zhang Yayuan and lowered my head in shame, thinking: I misunderstood you. Finally, she took my hand and we went to the library happily.


After that, I like to stay with her more. I especially admire her love for learning and reading. Under her influence, I have become fond of learning.