Every family will have a special person, such as: sports loving father, cooking loving mother, jokes loving grandmother... Among them, the most special person in my family is my grandfather, who loves to watch plays.


My grandfather is very fascinated with opera, and even has been addicted to opera. I remember once, my father and mother went to the night shift, they needed to come back very late. I looked at the clock, pressed the hungry belly, worried to think: Mom and dad are out, who will cook dinner for me? At this time, my grandfather came over, touched my head, and asked me with a smile, "do you want me to help you cook dinner?" I nodded and said, "yes, yes!" But as soon as my grandfather ignited the pan and poured oil on it, a drama program was broadcast on TV. My grandfather quickly put down the oil pan and went to watch TV.


Half an hour later, the oil in the oil pan had already burst out of black smoke, and my grandfather didn't smell it. But I smelled the smell, so I went to the kitchen and found that the oil pan had already burst out of black smoke. I quickly turned off the gas, and then ran to my grandfather in panic, shouting: "grandfather, the oil pan is going to explode!" But my grandfather seemed to be fixed. He didn't respond at all. Fortunately, I turned off the gas stove in time.


In order to see the play, my grandfather once ran dozens of miles. I remember that time, an opera actor came from the city in the countryside to perform opera for the common people. My grandfather heard about it and ran dozens of miles to see the opera. He is an old fan of the opera!