My mother is the most ordinary, the most ordinary mother in the world.


On one occasion, I accompanied my mother to a painting competition. At the beginning of the competition, her mother was busy nervously. After a while, she painted and rubbed it for a while. All of them were very strong and wanted to win the prize, a lipstick and a foundation. But my mother, quietly finished painting his "masterpiece", not to wipe, not to change, but also slowly looked at the mobile phone. This can be impatient, standing beside me, I even asked: "Hey, don't you want to be the first, get the prize?"“ "It's about participation," my mother replied calmly. However - she won the first place.


Another time, a classmate in my class and I got the same score of 85 in the monthly exam. He and I thought: ah, we only got 85 in the exam. Today, we can't avoid a bad scolding. With the same uneasy mood, we went back to our homes and found our mothers. Unexpectedly, I told my mother my grades, she just smile, calmly said: "very good, continue to work hard." I was stunned and thought: is this praising me or satirizing me? Through the performance of my mother in one night, I was sure that my mother really praised me, and I was relieved. The next day at school, the student who scored 85 in the exam saw me and began to complain: "my mother is going to scold me to death, Wuwuwuwu..."


This is my ordinary mother. Ordinary can't be any more ordinary, but she is gentle, friendly and has many friends. I like this ordinary mother very much. I love her more than her best friends and friends. I just want to say to her, "I love you three thousand times!"