My mother is really forgetful!


At more than nine o'clock in the evening, my mother threw the clothes into the washing machine and sighed: "I'm so tired. Let me squint for a while." This is six hours. I have long forgotten that the washing machine is still washing clothes.


In the middle of the night, in the dead of night, even the embroidery needle fell to the ground. Suddenly, a dolphin sound across the sky: "ah, my clothes." I sat up and rushed into the bathroom with my mother. Facing the wrinkled clothes that were almost dry, my mother gave a wry smile: "forgetfulness is a problem again. I forgot the clothes as soon as I threw them into the washing machine." I had to laugh with her to comfort her. I hope this kind of midnight fright doesn't appear again.


On Monday morning, my mother was in a hurry to go out to work, eating bread while cleaning up: "Oh, I'm late, I'm late." Then he said, "Dong!" He shut the door with a loud noise. Dad calmly drank soybean milk: "believe it or not, I will come back later." After about five minutes, another sudden knock on the door broke the silence of the morning. I ran to open the door in a panic. It was really my mother: "I... I didn't bring my... Mobile phone." With that, he rushed into the bedroom at the speed of light, shouting like finding a baby: "found it, found it." I left in a hurry. Such a scene is often staged in my home, and I'm used to it.


Although my mother is forgetful, I still like her very much. Because although she is forgetful, she always remembers what I told her. And when she forgets, she is surprised and full of jokes. It's so lovely. It's not because of this that my family is happy and warm.