It was sunny and there was a sound in the room“ Mom, where's my historical records It turned out that my brother, the bookworm, was looking for books!


My mother asked my brother to review his English. As soon as he entered the house, my brother threw away his English book and picked up historical records and read it with relish.


After a while, my brother picked up the English book and read it aloud. My mother nodded with a smile.


When my mother came back to the room, my brother threw the book again, held the historical records in his hand and looked at it, pretending to read English words in his mouth.


After a while, brother immersed in the book, the sound of reading is getting smaller and smaller, and finally not even a sound, mother was very surprised, gently walked into the room, saw his brother is reading, yelled at his brother: "Why are you reading again?" My brother was so scared that he picked up the English book to read.


My brother not only reads books secretly, but also forgets to eat and sleep.


The moon father-in-law has been hanging high in the sky, my eyes have been too sleepy to open, and climbed to bed to sleep.


In the middle of the night, I saw the light in my brother's room. When I went to see it, my brother was reading with relish.


I climbed into bed, and I don't know how long later, the light went out.


Another time, my brother was reading a book in his room. My mother asked me to ask him to eat. I ran to his room and yelled, "it's time to eat!"