“ Li Pinxin! Be honest! What are you doing? "


Well, do you know who is roaring in the river? It's my dear Sherlock Holmes mother like a detective!


Speaking of my mother, I can't hide anything from her. No, she's trying me again! My mother is usually very strict with me and forbids me to buy things. That day, I took three yuan from my piggy bank and went to the store to buy a lollipop. I ate it happily and went home.


When I got home, "Holmes" began to observe as soon as I entered the door, which made me feel a little uneasy and had an uncertain premonition. For a long time, she sneered: "tell me the truth, tell me the truth." After a while, I said, "I just bought a lollipop. Please forgive me!" I said flatteringly“ Well, even this time, you just bought a three yuan lollipop.


Ah! So how did mom know?


Let me tell you something about my mother's handling of the case: she saw that the position of my piggy bank moved a little, then opened the small board and counted the money inside. It was three yuan less. When she saw me at home, she smelled the smell of sugar, and the corners of her mouth were full of sugar dregs.


Once, "Holmes" went to work and came back very late. I could go down and play. When I heard this, I was very happy. I can't help thinking: I can watch TV. I finished my homework at the speed of light. Turn on the TV and watch it with relish. Only an hour later, the "Sherlock Holmes" looked at me red, still at home, impossible. She touched the TV and yelled, "OK, you little bunny! Watching TV at home... "