“ What about my lotus and the mountain Tongxin teacher floated in gently along the voice. She is my composition teacher - "childlike innocence".


She! Wearing a yellow check pumpkin hat, a black down jacket and green trousers, you can see that this man is very knowledgeable. Big bubble eyes, plus a very eye-catching delicious mole, make up a very beautiful childlike innocence teacher!


When it comes to "cunning", teacher Tongxin is worthy of the name!


One sunny afternoon, the students came to the classroom early, waiting for the arrival of the teacher. Ten minutes before class, teacher Tongxin came!


In her hand, she held a cup of "water" which no one could guess. She told us that it was "Millennium Cola". Then she dipped her fingers in cola and licked it. After that, she said, "it's delicious!" The teacher's face was full of laughter, just like a satisfied child. How lovely! However, teacher Tong did not forget to share with us. She brought the cup to us and let us have a taste.


My classmates and I salivated quickly, watching the cup, motionless.


The teacher said, "don't drool! Try it I put my finger in coke, put it in my mouth and licked it. Ah! It's too bad, isn't it! Just like traditional Chinese medicine plus Western medicine, it's a bit hard to swallow.


Looking at our miserable appearance, the teacher showed us the way she drank before. The teacher first put the middle finger in and dipped it, then stretched out the middle finger and licked the index finger. Hum! The teacher is cheating.