It's school time again. On the way home, I said in my heart: what kind of food will my mother cook today? You know, I have a "Kitchen God" mother.




At home, I quickly ran to the attic, wow, the table has been set up a plate of delicious dishes. I licked my saliva: crystal clear glutinous rice ribs, colorful fish flavored shredded pork, appetizing Hu hot soup, fragrant curry rice. I can't wait to pick up a piece of spareribs. The glutinous rice, the fragrance of spareribs, the fragrance of rice and meat fill my whole mouth. After another sip of Hula soup, I narrowed my eyes and tasted it carefully. The tiredness of class in the morning disappeared instantly.




Because of this, some students often come to our house to eat. I often say to my classmates, "although my family is not a big hotel, I enjoy the treatment of top chef cooking for me every day."




When I went back to my grandmother's home, I showed her how delicious the food my mother cooked was. Grandma looked at me in surprise. In the conversation with grandma, I know that my mother used to be "ten fingers don't touch yangchunshui". But now the mother is "on the hall, under the kitchen", I am very puzzled. I asked my father why. My father told me that I was a premature baby and my body had been very weak. My mother was very anxious. In order to adjust my body, she checked her mobile phone and read food books. After numerous failures, she finally became a "Kitchen God".




My eyes were moist. It turns out that my mother has integrated her love for me into the pots and pans, and into the delicacies.