In the fifth grade, our class transferred to a female classmate, she is not tall, fat, head with a long ponytail. "My name is sun Zhuowei, from Xumeng primary school." Her introduction is not over, and some students in the class can't help laughing.


Sun Zhuowei? Isn't that my name? I can't believe my ears. Only after listening to her introduction did I know that this "ponytail" has the same name as my big boy, and the words used in the name are exactly the same.


Only when a ponytail falls from the sky can the devil know what will happen. In the first math class, the teacher just called out "sun Zhuowei". We both stood up and laughed. I don't know how red my face is, but I feel hot all over. I glared at "ponytail" and sat down. Almost at the same time, she sat down quietly. To this end, the students are a burst of snickering.


The more exasperating things are yet to come. Members of the learning committee often gave me my ponytail and her to me when they sent out exercise books. I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. At the class meeting, the teacher named sun Zhuowei and praised him. I was very happy, but my deskmate said it was not me who praised him. After class, the iron man stood outside the classroom and called me out to play, "ponytail" promised me many times at the same time.


Ah, sun Zhuwei, it's all this hateful sun Zhuwei, no! Hateful "ponytail". For this reason, I decided to change my name, but after my parents knew the reason, they resolutely disagreed. Just go your own way and let others laugh.