People's memory is like a book. In this book, you will always remember some people who you remember deeply. Even if they happen to meet once, their looks and sounds, their gestures and actions will stay in your heart.


In my heart is a lingering person is a strange taxi master. That time, my mother and I went to tianyicheng for a whole day. When we were going home, my mother called my father. My father said that he had just left home and now he couldn't come to pick us up. Let's take a taxi to come home. Then we went to take a taxi. After mom stopped a taxi, she flipped through her wallet and saw that there was only a little change in it. Although there were many cards, she couldn't swipe them in a taxi because there was no swipe card machine. As soon as the taxi driver saw his mother's face, he asked her, "what's the matter? Don't you have any money with you?" Mom said, "no, I didn't bring enough money." Then the master waved his hand and said, "forget it, you'd better come up. By the way, where are you going?" At that time, I saw the master's back. At that moment, I felt so tall. My mother touched me and said, "Dongwang crossing." Then the master drove the car to increase the full horsepower. In less than half an hour, we arrived at the intersection of Dongwang. The master said, "fifteen yuan." My mother said awkwardly, "well, I only have ten yuan." The master pondered for a while and said, "well, you should take your children to play. Forget it, I'll charge you ten yuan." Then the mother solemnly handed the master the ten yuan, and the master said, "let's go." Then my mother and I got out of the car. After we got out of the car completely, the master drove away. I watched the car and prayed that he would continue to drive safely.