My father is tall, and he has a pair of glasses on his high nose, which is very gentle. Dad is mild and tough sometimes.


My father often takes me out to play. He tells me to combine work with rest. But sometimes he is very strict. Once I lied that I had finished my homework because I wanted to go out with my little friends. Dad came home to see my blank exercise book and asked me seriously, "didn't you say the homework was finished? How can this be blank? " I was so nervous that I stammered, "I... I forgot." Dad looked at me, eyes stare like a brass bell: "you still learn to lie now?" Dad is angry, like a lion with angry hair.


"I will not be able to do my homework well." I whispered, and tears filled my eyes. "Dad doesn't let you go out and play, but he can't do his homework for playing, or lie." My father's tone eased, and I really realized my mistake.


This is my father, tough and gentle.