The greatest power in the world is maternal love. Lost maternal love, just as grass lost sunshine, fish lost water, flowers lost color. My mother has brought me to this happy world for 13 years. Since I was sensible, I have always wanted to say to my mother, "thank you, my mother."

  世界上较大 的能量便是母亲的爱。失去母亲的爱,就如小花失去太阳,鱼群失去水资源,花朵失去颜色。母亲将我送到这填满开心的全世界早已13年了。从我听话逐渐,我也一直想对母亲说:“感谢你,我妈妈。”

I eat a hot bread, run out to school, my mother quickly catch up, "Jia, put on a cotton padded jacket! It's cold outside I didn't listen and said, "it's not cold outside!" Run out of the door now! After school in the afternoon, I shivered and saw a familiar figure, mom! I like to see the rescue soldiers, immediately rushed up, my mother helped me put on clothes, scolded me: "tell you to wear more clothes in the morning, why don't you wear?" I am embarrassed to smile, feel a warm flow to me, I feel the maternal love, is maternal love! yes! It's selfless maternal love! Students, let's sing a song for mothers all over the world, that is, "only mothers are good in the world.". Let's say one word to each mother: "thank you, my mother."