"Friend's friendship" is a tutor who helps you when you are in trouble, "friend's friendship" is to take care of your parents in your bed in the hospital, "friend's friendship" is a cup of fragrant tea for your parents, "friend's friendship" is everywhere in life. Let me tell you a true and moving story. Friendship is a very impressive thing, it can let you enthusiasm, confide, also can pull you out of trouble, increase strength. Once, one morning in the summer vacation, I got up early, because I had to go to school after a tutoring class. After I got up, my mother quickly asked me to wash. I turned on the light and saw that there was no electricity. I thought I'd better hurry to eat, so I went to eat. After dinner, I should go to school. I took my schoolbag and key with my father as fast as a hundred meters When I got to the garage downstairs, my father didn't listen to me when he pressed the remote control. Besides, I had to get out of the neighborhood when I took a taxi, so I was late. I had to ask my father for a few yuan and walk to the tutoring class. Not far from the neighborhood, I met Liu Hongyan who was eating in the breakfast shop. He said to me, "how can you walk alone?" I said, "my garage is out of electricity, and my father can't give me a ride. I have to take a taxi to the tutorial class. "He replied kindly," I'll carry you. "I took him to the coach class.


Friendship between friends is a warm and great bridge, only it can draw close the feelings and help between two people. Friendship between friends is also a kind of friendship between the courage to help you in difficult times.