My parents love me very much.


Once I had a high fever and it was raining at night. My mom and Dad were in a hurry. They held me one by one, and where I went. Because I was in a hurry, I was held tightly by my father, even if I was frozen. But mom leaned on my umbrella to my father and I, so she was drowned.


We went to several hospitals and were reluctant to open the door until the fifth one. At the beginning, the family didn't want to open. Mom and dad knocked on the door of the hospital and said, "please help my child."


Finally, the doctor reluctantly opened the door. After going in, the doctor saw my illness and said that I wanted to have a sling. My father asked, "can I not have a sling?" The doctor shook his head, my father had to let me sit in his arms, let the doctor prick the needle, and then let my mother go home to some thicker clothes. And it's dawn with a dozen shots.


The next day. My illness is good, but my parents are ill again. And as long as I say I want to take care of them, they will say, "OK, you don't take care of us, and learn your study." I was so moved.


Mom and Dad, I will live up to your hope.