Speaking of Wang Ruoxi, I guess the words in your mind must be "Xueba", "Xuehao"... These types of words.


Why do the words "Xueba" and "Xuehao" describe Wang Ruoxi? Then please let me, who is sitting next to her, have a good talk! First of all, let's talk about her listening state: first, hold your chest and head up, then hold your arms and sit on the end. She will see where the teacher says, and only she and the teacher are in her heart. You see, this is addicted to learning, unable to extricate themselves! Look at the state of the last class: at that time, after the math teacher asked if there was anyone in the meeting, there was a complete silence in the classroom, and no one raised their hands. At this time, Wang Ruoxi raised her right hand confidently, with a smile, as if to say: "let me answer it! Don't worry, my answer must be right! "


So, that's why the words "Xueba" appear in the first time! Speaking of this, I feel that this must be the biggest gap between people!