After the exam, I changed to a new seat. But what I didn't expect was that it was a "disaster area".


There was Lao Tian in the front and Lao Yang in the back, which made me "Crazy". Because of them, I often let other teachers misunderstand me. Fortunately, two kind-hearted people helped me out.


Good man one: she is the girl sitting in front of me. Her name is Ye Yutong. He is brother Tian's savior, Nemesis and deskmate. As long as tianziqi a word, she will be hard to tianziqi make a wink, let him fear. If he doesn't listen, she'll say, "shut up.". Let Tian Ziqi dare to be angry.


Good man No. 2: she used to be my deskmate. After changing her seat, she sat next to a humanoid machine gun - Yang Ziyi, who is Wang Yichen. Once in class, she will be affected by Yang's voice. In order to make Yang correct his mistakes, Wang Yichen will educate him every time, so that Yang Ziyi can be convinced. Listening to her, I will be much better in the "disaster area".


I thought it was almost impossible to control them, but these two female students did it. I really admire their management ability!