A bookworm


“ No pains, no gains. "Liu Qing ranked second in the mid-term test, which is the result of her hard study.


The third class on Thursday morning is football class. Due to the haze weather, the teacher asked us to study by ourselves in the class. Liu Qing is sitting in front of me. She keeps a posture and doesn't move. She looks like a wooden person. I was curious, so I poked my head to see what she was doing. I saw her holding the book with both hands and her eyes turning rapidly (maybe she had learned the skill of reading ten lines at a glance for a long time). I watched her for a long time, but she didn't notice me. She is a real reading maniac. I really admire her good habit of loving reading.


Warm hearted


Liu Qing not only loves reading, but also is a warm-hearted person.


Last time I was on duty, I couldn't wipe the top of a piece of glass. I ran to her seat and said, "Liu Qing, I can't reach a piece of glass. Can you help me?" Without saying a word, she went with me to clean the glass. She was very earnest when cleaning the glass. She was really kind-hearted - Liu Qing!


I want to learn from her and be a good student who loves reading and helping others.