My sister has a thin and long hair, thick eyebrows under a pair of big eyes, small mouth always love closed, as if thinking about something.


My sister loves smelly beauty very much. She often asks me, "is this dress good-looking?"“ Which one should I wear? " Even take a picture also want to ask me: "I put this posture good?"“ What's that look like? "


I remember once when I was still in a dream, my sister pulled me out of the warm quilt à i) He came out. Before I opened my eyes, my sister asked me, "do I look good in this dress?" "Good looking," I said casually Elder sister listened to can be happy, put on good clothes, and began to make up, but also the edge of the side asked: "I make up good-looking?" I was washing my face. When I heard my sister's words, I said casually, "sister, it's ok if you don't make up. Once you make up, it's like a ghost." My sister got angry and yelled at me: "Lin Xinyi!" This call scared my soul ā o) Outside the cloud, I quickly hid next to the sofa. Oh, I know. My sister always keeps her mouth closed and must be thinking about how to become more beautiful! Oh, sister, you are so beautiful.