I am a very lively, hardworking child, often help parents do housework.


I remember once when I was watching TV downstairs, my grandmother called out: "Yuxin, help sweep the floor quickly.". I didn't hesitate to fly to the broom and mop, and immediately began to sweep the floor. After I finished sweeping, I was tired with backache, but I still insisted on picking up the mop to mop the floor of the bedroom, kitchen and living room. After that, I fell on the sofa and fell asleep.


Another time, I read a newspaper in my mother's barber shop. My mother is busy in and out of the haircut for others, after she finished haircut, I took the initiative to stand up, with a broom carefully cut off the hair on the ground, swept clean, my mother stretched out a thumb, boasted that I was a sensible good child, I was happy, very happy.


I like to help my mother do housework very much. Do you like doing housework? If you like, say it out loud! Let's all be hardworking children.