Hello everyone, I'm Chen Ting's "little friend" who is loved by everyone. I'd like to share the story with you again! First of all, I want to give you readers a riddle, for smart you will know the answer, well, without saying a word, let's see what the riddle is! A dog is rare. It has two mouths on its head( Yes, it's the phenomenon we often encounter - crying. Now let me share this story with you!


My mother is a superman, she gave birth to me and my sister, not long ago, Superman mother gave birth to a super Kawaii sister paper, this lovely sister paper is my sister.


The sister is not only lovely but also very beautiful. Look! My sister has a pair of watery big eyes, bright like Yuquan water, clear do not want, the baby's eyes are always bright, so firm, so good-looking! My sister not only has special eyes, but also has a better mouth. The cherry mouth is so tender that people want to kiss it