He and I are classmates for the longest time. We are not good friends. Although he studies very poorly, he is very loving. I met him last summer when I was traveling. It was the last time we met.


I used to meet him every day when I went home. One day, he and I saw a dog with his hind leg cut, bleeding and limping on three feet. Neither I nor his family can keep it, and my grandmother already has a dog and can't keep it any more. I said to him, "let's go. I don't care about it." He didn't say anything and ran home. After a while, he came back panting and saw that he was holding gauze and a bottle of special medicine for injuries. He raised the dog's foot and didn't wait to touch the medicine, so he wanted to run. When he felt the medicine and bandaged it, the dog wagged its tail and barked. He put down the dog's feet and let it go. I did nothing but stare at him.


When I got home, I thought of what happened just now. If I didn't bandage it, it would not get better.


I thought so at that time, but now I know how to take care of small animals and be a loving person.